Rotfuchs Publishing is an Independent Press Headquartered in Edinburgh

We celebrate crossing genres and embracing new forms of storytelling.

Focusing on genres like adventure, thriller, romance, science fiction, quirky gonzo journalism, true life stories and much more, we aim to find the most gripping narratives from across the whole spectrum. We offer cutting-edge digital marketing, industry-leading production values and highly competitive royalty rates and license terms.

We firmly believe in the potential for digital publishing to deliver more for authors, and more for readers, and are keen to collaborate with those who share that goal.

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What we talk about when we talk about Rotfuchs

Rotfuchs is an innovative publishing venture based in Edinburgh. We publish ENGAGING FICTION AND NON-FICTION as books, ebooks, apps and websites.

We ensure that our authors will receive the attention their books deserve and are driven to work closely with them and our other partners. WE WILL BRING GREAT STORIES TO NEW AUDIENCES, enriching the wealth of books available to passionate readers today.

Here at Rotfuchs, our small but dedicated team aims to reinvent the best aspects of traditional publishing with a fresh approach. We value our freedom, as an independent publisher, and are willing to take risks, collaborate and REWRITE THE RULES OF THIS INDUSTRY.

Expect to hear more about our plans – and what makes us different – in the coming months. Please contact us for further information, or READ OUR LAUNCH PRESS RELEASE.